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Host an online get-together for all your friends and colleagues

Hop between video chat rooms by clicking on a map. An easy way to create a virtual houseparty or have some digital office fun. No need to create an account, just send your friends the link to your hophop. It's free!

Start a new hophop

Works best on computers & laptops using: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Edge


What is hophop?

hophop is a playful way to video chat with a group. A hophop connects several video conference calls through an interactive map next to the actual call. By clicking on the map, you navigate directly to that other video call room.

How does it work?

After you've joined or started a hophop, clicking on a room on the interactive map will directly put you in that video call room. There's not much more to it, really.

What do I need?

The only thing you and your fellow hophoppers need is a computer or laptop with either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Allow the browser to use your camera and microphone and let the hopping begin.

Can I join a hophop with a smartphone or tablet?

hophop will sort-of work, but was actually designed for computer screens. To use hophop on your smartphone or tablet, you can download the Jitsi app for iOS or Android, join a hophop, and tap on the rooms on the map to open the app in the right video call. There will be weird numbers at the top of the call, but you can ignore those!

Help! It’s not working?!

Oh no!
> Are you on a computer or laptop, and not on a smartphone or tablet?
> Are you in a compatible browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge?
> Did you allow hophop to use your webcam and microphone in the browser?
> Did you allow your browser to use your Windows or macOS computer's camera and microphone?
> Still not working? Restart your browser & refresh your hophop.
> Nope? Send us a screenshot and we'll see what we can do.

Is hophop free?

Yes! You can create as many hophops as you want, use it with as many friends or colleagues as you want, for as long as you want, while being able to come back any time.

In the free version of hophop, you can choose between a virtual house and a virtual office.

Can I get my own map?

Yes! If you want your own map and / or different rooms, we can make a customized hophop just for you. Contact Bram at for details and pricing.

How do I change my hophop's space?

Go to your hophop, add /reset to the end of the url, and pick another space. If your fellow hophoppers are already in your hophop they won't automatically see your changes, so make sure to get them to refresh the page.

How many people can join my hophop?

We’re using the Jitsi video call technology and their servers may have a hard time with more than 30 people in one room. As a hophop has several rooms, you can easily hophop with 50 people as long as they spread out over the rooms a little. Just like with a real party.

Can I protect my hophop with a password?

Not right now. Choosing a more elaborate name for your hophop (eg. 'Brams Very Secret Birthday Party' instead of 'Bram') is currently the best way to prevent others from trying to start a hophop with the same name and accidentally joining yours.

Is my privacy protected?

All the rooms in a hophop are Jitsi Meet video calls. Jitsi is fully open-source and encrypted. You can read Jitsi's privacy policy here. hophop doesn’t collect any personal data and doesn’t store any video call. So if you trust Jitsi, you can trust hophop.

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